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NEWS | April 24, 2014

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Disharmony Blocks II

Travel back to a time and place where emotions exist as real sentient beings! As a newly qualified Harmony Sage, you are summoned to the land of Sundast to discover the root cause of disharmony and upset. Help bring the Disharmony Blocks under control and discover what other nefarious forces are at work here in this exciting match-3 adventure! Match Disharmony blocks to harvest energy, use perks to quickly gain XP and move diagonally, and visit the shop to buy or upgrade potent spells! Match your way through 75 fun-filled levels in Disharmony Blocks II!

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Events: 1898

Spain declared war on the United States, rejecting the U.S. ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba.

Famous Birthdays

Robert Penn Warren, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, poet laureate of U.S. (Births: 1905)