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NEWS | July 29, 2016

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Amazon Is Amazin', Amazin', Amazin'

Like the 1969 World Series-winning New York Mets, Amazon is doing everything right.
7 Must-Have Beauty Products To Stash in Your Bridal Clutch

So you've picked the perfect clutch. Now fill it with these essentials to keep wedding-day beauty disasters at bay
The Rush to Snare an EU Passport in the Season of Divisive Politics

Here's how to get EU citizenship through Ireland, Poland, and Italy.
The Show-Stealing Runway Looks We're Obsessing Over

Straight-from-the-catwalk pieces that we need in our closets, stat
Yen, Japanese Banks Rise After Bank of Japan Refrains from Rate Cut

Government bond yields rise after the central bank keeps the deposit rate at minus 0.1%.
Michael Jordan 'Deeply Troubled' at Racial Tension, Police Shootings

Michael Jordan is speaking outand taking actionwith regard to the social unrest in America right now. "As a proud American, a father who lost his own dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man, I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at...
Heath Ledger's Dad Reveals Son's Tragic Final Conversation

Eight years after his death, Heath Ledger's dad has revealed the actor's heartbreaking final conversation. "The last conversation [Heath's sister] Kate had with him was this discussion about his medications and she warned him, 'You cant mix drugs that you dont know anything about,'" dad Kim Ledger tells Australia's...
Consumers Benefitted from the Fed's Decision Not to Raising Rates

Americans have benefitted from the Federal Reserve refraining from raising interest rates at their July meeting and in 2016.
How to Find a Best Friend for Less than $500

Breeders charge a pretty penny, so why not save a life for less than $500? Dogs and cats are waiting to be adopted and find their fur-ever home.
Is Your Co-Worker a Heroin Addict?

Many Americans are switching from opioid pills to injecting heroin as a result of government policy changes.
Few options to tap the equity in Mom's empty house

WithMom'smedical bills piling up, think creatively to make the most ofher empty house.
3 ways to lose a HELOC, keep the house

When a HELOC is secured by your home, one of these options may help you to keep your property.
8 College Degrees with the Best Returns on Investment

Find out which college degrees offer the best opportunities to earn a salary that can generate a solid return on your investment in education.
These Stocks Are Strong August Performers

These four stocks tend to perform well in August, rallying more than 70% of the time over the last 26 years.
Cosby Show Actress Reveals Pregnancy, Is Dumped by Hubby

On July 17, Keshia Knight Pulliam posted on Instagram that she and, presumably, husband Ed Hartwell were expecting a baby. "Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon," the Cosby Show actress wrote. "Tune into [ podcast ] #KandidlyKeshia this week for the details!!" But on Monday, just over a...
What is the Difference Between Operating Income and Net Income?

Understand the difference between operating income and net income, including the calculations and interpretations of each, while reading a balance sheet.
Weather Officials Explain Fireball in Western Sky

A fireball in the sky Wednesday night led to a firestorm online and over the phone lines, CBS Los Angeles reports, with California residents up and down the coastas well as in Las Vegas and as far away as Utahreporting the odd celestial phenomenon. The light flashes, captured...
4 Stretches You Should Be Doing (But Aren't)

Did you know your neck crick or shoulder ache may actually mean you're tight somewhere else? Troubleshoot your sore spots and work out the real pain points in just a few minutes a day.
How much equity can you cash out of your home?

Homeowners considering cash-out refinances and HELOCs: Here's what you need to know.
Claiming ailing Mom who gets Social Security

You can't write off your Mom's income, but you may be able to claim her as a dependent.
4 Decadent Chocolate Recipes That Have Secretly Healthy Ingredients

Festive, superfood-filled treats for the holidays
8 richest athletes competing in the Rio Olympics

It's not about the money, but the Olympics will feature many wealthy athletes.
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