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NEWS | May 27, 2016

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European Stocks End Three-Day Rally as Oil, Chinese Benchmarks Fall

Konecranes rises as China's Zoomlion pulls an indicative offer for Terex, leaving the Finnish group's own asset-purchase deal from the Conn. cranes maker intact.
5 Essentials for a Sunday Funday You'll Never Forget

Make the most of your day off with these must-have items that'll keep the party going
Showrooming Remains Unpopular With the Majority of Customers

The trend of showrooming has not caught on as experts predicted.
Road Test: The Best New At-Home Gel Nail Polishes

We tried 9 new gel nail polishes to find out which ones stood the test of time (and could survive the nail-chipping hazards of everyday life)
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Stay Disciplined in This Market

How does Cramer know that investors are getting careless? Because they see takeovers everywhere.
'Carpool Karaoke' Becoming Its Own Show

"Carpool Karaoke" is going international. The popular segment and YouTube sensation from The Late Late Show in which James Corden drives celebrities around in a car fitted with cameras as they belt out tunesis being shopped around to international broadcasters as a TV show, reports Variety . A US deal...
Ex-Bodyguard: Kanye Wouldn't Push Elevator Buttons

A former body guard of Kanye West is dishing some diva-esque dirt on the star. Maybe the one that crystallizes all of the tales told by Steve Stanulis to UK tabloid the Sun involves West's unwillingness to press an elevator button. Stanulis recounts the first time he accompanied West to...
How to Cash In on Boomers' Retirement Plans

The Baby Boomers' retirement is about to lead to 20 times as much leisure spending. That means the opportunity for real money for the right entrepreneurs.
How Millennials Should Buy Their First Health Insurance Plan

Millennials who are graduating from college and entering the workforce need to ensure they purchase the right type of health insurance coverage.
The 529 Plan Is the Best College Savings Strategy You Aren't Using

Three-quarters of Americans don't know they can save for college tax-free, which isn't doing high-school graduates any favors.
Why giving a kid a savings bond still makes sense

Savings bonds as investments don't make sense. Here's when they're a good idea.
Military family on the move gets special tax break

Military household gets special exception to landa tax break on their home sale.
Global Communications: Exploring Revenue Trends and Fundamentals

Explore geographical communications sector revenue data to determine which countries have the highest exposure and what factors are driving trends.
2 ETFs to Take Advantage of the Shrinking Smartphone Market (QQQ, FONE)

Watch for a rebound in global smartphone sales in 2017, after the remaining months of 2016 continue to bring an anticipated growth of only 7% for the year.
Game of Thrones Holds One Door, Opens Big Ones

Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones the season's fifthwas appropriately titled "The Door." And while one door was held tight for a good long while, others were opened. Here's the best of the analysis and speculation to follow (if you're looking for a straight forward episode recap, try...
The Reverse Mortgage: A Retirement Tool

Discover another way to fund your retirement without having to make payments on a loan.
10-Foot Python Bites Man's Penis During Morning Bowel Movement

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the toilet. Coconuts Bangkok reports Thai resident Attaporn Boonmakchuay was five minutes into his "usual bowel movement" Wednesday morning when a huge python bit him on the penis. The 10-foot snake had, well, snaked its way through his home's...
The Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral

Want to get your nutrients the natural way? We break down the best food sources for 20 of the most important.
3 ways to tame your student loan debt and buy a home

Overcome school debt in straightforward (or sly) ways and own a home.
Pay debts and taxes, then issue trust's assets

Distributing a trust's assets can be knotty. Here's how to approach it.
10 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Use Chia Seeds

Those tiny little seeds pack in tons of good nutrition—find out how to add them to all kinds of dishes.
Lending sites may use their own quirky credit scoring

Peer-to-peer lenders have their own criteria for loans. See what that means for borrowers.
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