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NEWS | February 9, 2016

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Jim Cramer's Top Takeaways: LinkedIn, Tableau Software, Verizon

Cramer says Verizon offers capital preservation with its dividend and capital appreciation with its many growth opportunities.
15 NYFW Hairstyles That You Can Pull Off at Home

A DIY guide to achieving NYFW looks ranging from edgy knotted ponytails to romantic braids
Dine Like A Millionaire - Even On A Shoestring Budget

Yes, you can eat like a king or queen, without carving up the household budget.
7 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Beauty Stash

Discover the products you need to face every beauty dilemma
5 Hated Earnings Stocks You Should Love

These heavily shorted stocks could get squeezed much higher if they report positive earnings this month.
How Beyonce Ruled the Weekend

Beyonce not only stole the Super Bowl halftime show from Coldplay with a dazzling performance of her provocative new single "Formation," she made nearly as many headlines as the Denver Broncos' surprise win over the Carolina Panthers. A roundup: Vox looks at how Beyoncewho appeared "flanked by black women...
Judge Won't Throw Out Sex Assault Case Against Cosby

A judge refused to throw out the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby on Wednesday, sweeping aside claims that a previous district attorney had granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago, the AP reports. The case now moves to a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough...
Will Your Unemployment Check End if You Go on Vacation?

A spell of unemployment can be the perfect opportunity for some world travel. Just don't try to do it on someone else's dime.
Why Are So Many Families Hurting In This Recovery?

Why soaring enrollments in financial remediation classes may be good news about the economy.
Love Hurts: What You’ll Pay For Valentine’s Day

Lovers could each spend this much for Valentine's Day, but do they really have to?
Don't get stiffed by freeloading kids

Don't let freeloading kids slide on a family loan. Make them pay it off with interest.
Is divorce a loophole to avoid capital gains tax?

You'll have to pay capital gains on the sale of your rental property. Here's why.
Retirees: 7 Lessons from 2008 for the Next Crisis

When the last big market crisis hit, many retirees ran to the sidelines. Next time, there are better ways to manage your portfolio.
The Delicate Dance of Inflation and GDP

Investors must understand inflation and gross domestic product, or GDP, well enough to make decisions without becoming buried in data.
DA Rails Against Ex-DA's 'Secret Agreement' With Cosby

The prosecutor in the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby argued Wednesday that his predecessor had no legal authority to make a deal a decade ago that would shield the comedian from ever facing charges. District Attorney Kevin Steele said that the 2005 supposed no-prosecution dealwhich was never put...
Analyzing Yelp's Return on Equity (ROE) (YELP)

Learn about Yelp's return on equity (ROE) and see how it compares to industry peers. See how net profit margin, asset turnover and financial leverage impact ROE.
$232K Oscars Swag Bag Has 'Vampire' Breast Lift

If you thought last year's $125,000 Oscars' swag bag was ridiculous, look away. The 2016 "Everyone Wins" goodie bag, presented to top Academy Award nominees by Distinctive Assets, comes in at over $232,000 this year, Page Six reports, and there's something for everyoneespecially if everyone needs a...
Common Dieting Mistakes, Solved

You're a "good" eaterbut chances are you've got a habit (or two) that's sabotaging your healthy eating. Health's nutrition pro Cynthia Sass, RD, is here to do an intervention.
Can't get a HELOC. Should I try a personal loan?

I want to consolidate credit card debt. What's better:A personal loan online or from a bank?
If you sell the house yourself, do you owe agent a commission?

What happens when an owner sells a house before the agent's contract goes into effect?
20 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Feel Gross

Healthy foods should energize you, so why can these nutritious eats leave you gassy and tired?
Own 'The Silence of the Lambs' house for $250K

This Oscar season, you can buy"Buffalo Bill's"house from the 1991 thriller that won Best Picture.
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In a quiet backwoods there lives a young wolf family with six cubs. They spend a lot of time together, that's why, sometimes, young parents want to take a break from the children's bustle. And so it happened one day, when Wolf's wife asked him to put the cubs to sleep, while she could spare some time just for herself. But Wolf fell asleep together with children and when he woke up his wife and children disappeared. Wolf smelled a rat and went on their trail.

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